More than 25 year ago, Razão Engenharia was founded by engineer Laerte Bondim, one of Rio's real estate developers that has transformed and modernized Rio de Janeiro’s landscape in the last decades.

Razão Engenharia Real Estate Portfolio includes several residencial and commercial buildings such as office towers, shopping malls and warehouses.

The company focuses on Real Estate Investments that bring profit and transparency to investors, through ethical relationships with suppliers and public agencies ensuring high quality standard products.


Mr. Bondim graduated in Civil engineering from Veiga de Almeida University of Rio de Janeiro in 1981, serves as a CEO of Razão Engenharia. He has started his career as an engineer at GAFISA (former Gomes de Almeida) and also worked for Carmel Empreendimentos Imobiliários Ltda.  as a Civil Enginner Manager.  From 1988 to 2003, he served as a Partner and Business Director  of Rio Massa Engenharia and over 30 years have been managing and leading the entire process of real estate development, construction, sales and marketing of residential and commercials real estate projects .


Mr. Póvoa gained a Bachelor of Arts of Economics from  UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) in 2002 and serves as Business Director of Razão Engenharia. Previously, he was responsible for Sales Operations areas of Klabin Segall S/A and also joined PDG Realty (Goldfarb) as a Business Manager. From 2010 to 2012, worked for Tecnisa S/A as Senior Regional Business Manager responsible for  Midwest, North and Northeast regions.


Develop profitable real estate enterprises managing projects with simplicity , discipline and focus on profitability that is perceived by its clients for the quality of their products and their investors for transparency and ability to generate value.


• Innovation: to always find the best way to add value in everything we do .

• Focus: total focus on details of each phase of every project; every project is unique.

• Teamwork: high performance professional  working as a team with common goals.

• Leadership: the management is exercised by example with clear and objective ideas and drivers.

• Respect: try to handle everything in a courteous and helpful manner.

• Creativity: to encourage originality and develop a change management company culture.